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3D Model License Agreement and Model Notes

1. Copyright and License
2. Installation
3. 3D format notes

1. Copyright and License

The model itself or in part is copyrighted by the Licenser, M.Siedersleben Grafik&CAD, as a form of a 3D dataset. You as the Licensee own the right to produce image material using the model. The License is only valid for the person who purchased the 3D model. The Licensee has no rights to give away, modify, post or resale this product in any form of a 3D database. Also the Licensee is not allowed to implement the model in a digital form that it might be recompiled from (e.g. games or virtual worlds).

2. Installation

First please extract the zip file in an appropiate directory e.g. c:meshes. You will find a directory with the models name which contains subdirectories who contains the mesh itself, the maps and sample renderings. Put the appropiate attached maps (mostly in tga or jpg format) in your 3D programs maps directory, so they can be found easily by the renderer. The mesh file itself belongs in your 3D programs objects or meshes directory.

3. 3D formats

At wireforge.com you may obtain the models in various 3d formats. Because of the different implication of object properties in different 3d formats the rendering results may differ from the preview pictures on the website. Some 3 D formats like e.g. *.dxf do not contain any texture coordinates by definition. If you experience problems with the file format you ordered please contact us in order to get an object in a different 3d format. Since we are working with Autodesk 3D Studio the best results may be obtained using a 3d model in *.3ds or *.max format which is supported by most 3D programs.

We hope you enjoy the work with our models.



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